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Until that special person came along and stole his heart. And really, as soon as he first met Louis in the train, Harry had felt something. Their love at first sight started when they met, and never ended since they found each other, heart to heart. He knew it when he felt this fluttering feeling from deep down inside, when Louis smiled at him. It was like gravity moved, and nothing mattered more than him. He also has the feeling he smells burnished copper. He inhales more deeply and then he can smell apple and cinnamon, and he really does not understand. He moves back and frowns.

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He figures that there’s no better place than the city that never sleeps to settle in and forge a new life. If only the heroes, villains, aliens and spies had received the message. Begins just before the Avengers movie and continues through the MCU.

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My continuation of the series via material from the books, and my own ideas. This is basically my attempt at continuing the story from books through the lens of the TV universe. Now that Richard is the Lord Rahl, will he and Kahlan finally be able to be together, or will an ill omen in the night sky destroy everything. So I might have to rate it M, just in case. Now that they are married, will Richard and Kahlan finally find happiness, or will an invasion by an evil foe and an insidious plot by a Sister of the Dark ruin everything?

I apologize for the delay in this one; for some reason I get hit with writer’s block more on this particular story than on other, I don’t know why, but I just do. Richard and Kahlan reunite five months later, but things have changed that may destroy their love. And the Seeker’s quest may not be over. Zedd warned them about the effects of the Soul Fusion spell, but Richard and Kahlan did not heed his warnings.

And the consequences are unlike any thing they could imagine. This one is intended to be a little more lighter than Unintended Consequences.

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Am I Eros, or is Eros me! I’d just like to thank you all for the kind messages, I’m really happy you’re enjoying this fic. I wish I could type faster haha!

Godogma is a fanfiction author that has written 5 stories for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, NCIS, Misc. Games, Harry Potter, Misc. Movies, Stargate: SG-1, Misc. Tv Shows.

A wounded mercenary comes across a certain priestess and love ensues. Sorry that this is so short! It is the day of the Royal Wedding, but someone is not feeling as festive as the rest of the court. Things aren’t going so well between the two, now toss in two young girls who came into their lives from the sky. Has hints of other shippings! The unofficial member of the Order of the Phoenix and most importantly Oliver Wood’s girlfriend.

But one August day at a muggle school in London, all of that will change. Chilling family revelations, glorious prophecies, and a romance too real to ignore.

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Cries of a Shadow -: August 2, Updated: November 7, 2: Intrigued, Dennis attempts to befriend the taciturn officer, only to discover he is harboring a shocking secret. This is an AU story and therefore, I have changed the timeline of certain canon events. November 6, 4: November 2, 7: This story takes place after Season 5. October 31, Updated: October 31, 4: October 3, Updated: October 30, 5: September 23, Updated:

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Growing Up[ edit ] Her first word as a little girl was denouement [3]. Since Castle was a single parent for most of her childhood, he often took Alexis to the park to play [4] and to the natural history museum where the two would pretend they were on safari for hours on end. Personality[ edit ] Alexis rebels against the irresponsible nature of her father and grandmother by being well-behaved and remarkably honest.

When she tries to keep up with friends in the subway, jumps a turnstile and later lies to her father about the incident, she frets not so much about stealing a ride, but because she lied to her father. When he confronts her about why she was dishonest, she explains that some friends had dared her to shoplift some merchandise at a boutique, but she refused and later returned to the shop to leave an amount of cash equal to the amount of stolen goods to compensate the owner.

Will she give in to temptation and if she does, how will The Charmings take this new development? Chapter 4 — 6 – My Mistake Just before Regina could get Miss Swan to taste her forbidden fruit hidden in an apple tart, Emma makes a shocking confession. What happens when Regina accidentally eats her own poison and falls into a Sleeping Curse? Chapter 7 — 9 – Forbidden Dance The town holds a mask party and dressed as Black Swan, Emma comes face to face with a stranger behind a mask dressed as a Pirate.

Who is this person that asks her to dance and proceeds to make out with her, fighting hard to keep their mask on? But suddenly, going on horseback riding, skinny dipping and exploring the wonders of the future may just make a wide eyed teenage girl fall desperately in love with Miss Emma Swan. Two of them happen to be the lives most important to her. She wants to fight fate but Regina begins to realize she may have to gain some allies if she wants to win.

In fact, out of those in this room, hell this entire town, who is it that passes for the law here? When a murder happens and people think Regina is guilty once again, she disappears from Storybrooke and Emma realizes how much she cares about the mayor and former evil queen. What happens when the truth is revealed?

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Like Mother, Like Daughter by rider18 reviews Kate truly believes a phone call from your child’s school never ends well. Especially when the call is informing you that your daughter got into a fight with another student. Entry for the Castle Ficathon Winter

Uncomfortable Fanfiction Relationships 1. Everyone in Harry Potter Fanfic writers have paired up virtually everyone in the Harry Potter universe at one point or another. Harry often gets coupled with Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape or Draco. Hermione also popularly ends up with Draco and Snape. For more bizarre fanfic, there’s one about the Giant Squid and the Hogwarts castle NSFW, and very strange , as well as one with Dobby, the house elf, and Hagrid, the half-giant gameskeeper.

The Cast of Breaking Bad When Breaking Bad ended, critics hailed it as one of the most satisfying series finales of all time. That doesn’t stop fanfic writers from reimagining things. In multiple alternate realities, Breaking Bad main characters Jesse and Walt are a couple, rather than a pair of feuding drug dealers with a slight father-son relationship. It doesn’t end there; here are a couple of other strange relationships:

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