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New York South East Post] T-Mobile hailed the results as evidence that its network was on par with market leader Verizon and said any differences in rural coverage would be addressed as it begins to roll out spectrum in the MHz band. Business Services has been witnessing strong momentum and continues to represent an attractive growth opportunity for the company. Evidently, in the third-quarter of In the interim, the agency would cease some operations, including issuing new TV Technology] … also brought the reality of the wireless frequency repack and sell-off of spectrum, which displaced nearly 1, stations and caused chaos and confusion throughout the industry. In the world of wireless microphones, belt packs and IFBs, MHz spectrum is already gone, with T-Mobile announcing plans to start utilizing those frequencies


Products are designed for clamping and holding parts while a secondary operation is performed through the open center. A typical application is where a flexible diaphragm is clamped between two metal retainers while a rivet or other form of fastener is added to the assembly thru the open center. The product line includes seven sizes from three inch O. Control is with plant air using a typical four way pneumatic valve circuit either manually operated for work close at hand or solenoid operated for remote locations as part of an automated process.

The MSD induces faster solenoid pull-in with a high input voltage then automatically reduces voltage during hold-in. This not only increases efficiency but extends solenoid life and saves energy.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kohler 20RESCLLC16 Air-Cooled Standby Generator with Amp Transfer Switch Single Phase, 20,Watt at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Set-up a simple TV-video studio in your house or office and dazzle your fans with videos that show off your products or services. A studio allows you to create lots of videos quickly. Set up your own shopping network. Seriously, you could with a simple, but well organized video production studio. A couple of people sitting on a simple set, holding up products, and chit-chatting non-stop.

How easy is that? Actually pretty darn easy. Setting up a studio allows you to crank out lots of videos quickly. Studio production method uses multiple cameras and microphones at once. This saves TONS of time in editing. Post production editing is incredibly time consuming and studio production eliminates it. If you make minor mistakes, you keep going, just like you would if it were live.

Live-to-tape is a great method because it is fast and inexpensive. All studio production, even if you do edit it some later, is MUCH faster, and therefore cheaper than standard field production, which is one-camera technique and post-production editing.

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We own an interest in or operate approximately 85, miles of pipelines and terminals. Our pipelines transport natural gas, gasoline, crude oil, carbon dioxide CO2 and more. Our terminals store and handle petroleum products, chemicals and other products. The revolutionary shale plays across the United States are creating a tremendous need for more energy infrastructure, which bodes well for us.

The Fluke Digital Multimeter gives users the means to quickly and easily do basic meter set and reconnect testing. This meter is simple-to-use and has the features needed to .

This approach has safety benefits due to enhanced control over the activities along with distinct cost advantages. Scope Definition Detailed offshore surveys are carried out to build up a defined scope of work for our experienced Engineering Team. Relevant information is collated including existing documents and drawings, performance standards, environmental data, etc. Planning Once we have a very detailed defined scope of work and basis of design in place, our offshore construction co-ordinators begin preparation of the Construction Workpacks and Jobcards, which are automatically fed into the progress and productivity reports.

Hook-Up Sembmarine SLP Offshore Group has many years of experience hooking up complete new build platforms, accommodation and process modules and diverse brownfield projects such as well hook-ups, subsea tiebacks to existing platforms and installation of Pre-Assembled Units PAU such as fiscal metering systems, proppant hydrocyclone packages and Wellhead Power Units HPU. MC and safety is paramount and our system allows commissioning to progess in a safe controlled manner through to final completion and handover.

MC and Commissioning Dossiers once completed, verified and signed off will form part of the final handover to Client Operations.

What is hook-up and commissioning (oil and gas industry)?

In that deregulated market, responsibility for reliability has been largely transferred to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas ERCOT , an independent system operator regulated by the state Public Utility Commission. Gencos are, however, given financial incentives to provide services and products to the market, and they respond to these incentives in the same way that they respond to a need to maintain a reserve margin or another reliability-related parameter.

The amount and type of power supply capacity in ERCOT has changed dramatically over the past eight years for two main reasons: Power producers responded to these two events by mothballing or decommissioning around 10, MW of older gas-fired steam plants whose marginal operating costs could not compete with those of the combined-cycle plants. Every owner of an older gas-fired steam plant had to decide whether to throw in the towel or find something other than capacity that the plant could sell profitably.

May 04,  · Where Is It Now? So what made wrapped connections so great? Part of it was the electrical and mechanical properties of the connection. A properly wrapped post would have at .

Consider the Protector Series gaseous automatic backup generator line. Sophisticated, yet intuitive controls. The best liquid cooled engine packs more power into a smaller footprint – ideal when space is a premium. The neutral styling, color and small footprint fits unobtrusively into landscaping. Clean burning, continuous fuel choice of natural gas to LP. The Evolution controller features a multilingual, two-line LCD text display with color-coded, backlit buttons.

It has received upgrades, including USB flash capability, smart battery charging, voltage adjustment, and backlit membrane pad-style buttons. We are proud of our innovative product design, high quality and first-class reliability so we stand behind them with a strong 5, 7 or year limited warranty. Can Be Installed Just 18″ From a Structure Capability to be installed 18 inches away from a structure, ideal for areas with tight lot lines. Thanks to Quiet-Test, your Protector Series home generator runs its self-test at a lower, quieter RPM, which can be programmed to run weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Additional Features Improved stub ups and electrical connection access decrease installation costs. All connections are dual conductor rated, and the implementation of quick connects for the control wires, completely eliminates the need for crimping or lugging. Improved customer connection access, which decreases installation costs.

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The term “Brownfield” construction refers to revamping works on existing facilities to enhance production which involve repairs, upgrades, replacement and modification works on existing offshore production facilities and Equipment. Brownfield Construction are generally undertaken when Operators recognize the need to improve Safety aspects, Production, Efficiency and Lifespan of their existing facilities as well as to address maintenance and regulatory compliance issues and update technology.

As a whole Brownfield Construction is a combination and synchronization of new components to the existing facilities and it is essential to understand and appreciate how they are inter-related from physical, process, Hook-up and Commissioning and Operating perspectives. It also involves tie-ins to existing facilities for which disruption to ongoing production cannot be avoided and eventually may lead to shut-down of the existing facility for a certain period of time.

MH, PE | Mechanical & Electrical Engineer Professional Mechanical Engineer, responsible for mechanical and electrical design. Experience in development of Power Distribution, Electrical Panel schedules, and lighting designs, HVAC design calculations, instrumentation and controls systems, and mechanical HVAC distribution designs for university and industrial cleanrooms, imaging labs, additive.

Investors Hook-Up and Completion Aker Solutions provides cost-effective, predictable and safe completion deliveries that prepare for the start-up of oil and gas production. Hook-Up and Completion Hook-up and completion covers all necessary activities preparing for the start-up of oil and gas production. It is the final phase in preparing new developments or modifications at existing fields to produce first oil.

Services include all offshore work after lift-in of modules or platforms until handover to the customer. This includes operations like temporary facilities, logistic handling, construction activities and completion of scope of work and commissioning assistance. Any Project, Anywhere We have a market-leading execution model and toolbox, technology, experience, management expertise and the best qualified people needed for a successful completion of any project, anywhere.

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We bring a strong technical and project focus that ensures that we deliver our commitment to uphold safety and achieve the commercial investment. What we value Our reputation as a trusted client representative to uphold our shared commitment to protect the people, the communities and the environments we work within. Our Values Safety Safety is at the heart of our project group and starts from concept development and continues through the design stages to operational handover and operate.

We adopt our safety-first initiative on all our projects to ensure we design it safe, build it clean, build it safe and deliver projects with no incidents or harm to people.

EM Tunnels and Shafts in Rock – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

May 4, Back in the 70s when I started getting interested in electronics, tons of magazines catered to the hobbyist market. Popular Electronics was my favorite, and I think I remember the advertisements more than anything, probably because they outnumbered articles by a large margin. Looking back, it seemed like a lot of ad space was sold to companies hawking the tools and materials needed for wire wrapping, which was very popular for prototyping in the days before solderless breadboards were readily available.

I remember beauty shots of neat rows of small, gold posts, with stripped wires wrapped evenly around them. To the budding hobbyist, wire wrapping looked like the skill to have. With a huge selection of posts, terminals, and sockets for ICs and discrete components, as well as a wide range of manual and powered wrapping tools, it seemed like you could build anything with wire wrapping. But fast forward just a decade or so, and wire wrapping seemed to drop out of favor.

And today — well, does anyone even wire wrap anymore? Where Inventions Were Born Almost everything we take for granted in the modern world can trace at least some of its lineage back to Bell Labs, the invention factory in the New Jersey suburbs , and wire wrapping is no exception. While wire wrapping may not have been invented there — a good argument can be made that it started in the previous century with telegraph linesmen splicing and securing wires in the field — the needs of the telephone industry, particularly in the central office, propelled the development of tools and techniques that would make connections easier.

Nicely executed wire wraps. Soldering seems like it would make more sense electrically and mechanically, but it takes time and skill to execute properly, and introduces problems of its own.

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For starting up a process control system I am used to this routine: Install the various subsystems. Perform hook-up of the subsystems. Post-installation testing of the subsystems: What should be in pre-commissioning and what should be in commissioning?


Experience in development of Power Distribution, Electrical Panel schedules, and lighting designs, HVAC design calculations, instrumentation and controls systems, and mechanical HVAC distribution designs for university and industrial cleanrooms, imaging labs, additive manufacturing and assembly, and HPM storage and dispense areas. Tool Installation Mechanical engineering. Expertise in Piping distribution studies and use of Pipe-flo models. Utility Matrix, equipment sizing and distribution design.

Expert in capital equipment research and evaluation. Chemical and gas usage analysis for cleanrooms and labs, effluent analysis, HPM code analysis. Project management experience in renovations and new building design including tool evaluation, site suitability, EMI, Vibration and Acoustic site study and coordination activities. Project management expertise in Tool Hookup requiring close coordination with users and tool vendors.

Areas of focus include: Selection, specification, procurement and logistics of Cleanroom process equipment, chemicals, gases, consumables, materials and supplies. Cleanroom safety and cleanliness protocol. Fit-up and Tool Installation Engineering coordination and process design.

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As the location, scope of work, footprint availability, hook-up materials and labour can vary considerably,we would prefer to conduct a vessel survey, otherwise no fixed price estimate can be given beforehand. Transportation The modules can easily be shipped to various places all over the world. From the yard, the modules are generally shipped to the Port of Rotterdam, Antwerp or Amsterdam.

As barges are in no short supply in this area, shipment can be done anytime.

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Click here or scroll down to respond to this candidate Curriculum Vitae Name: Corneliu Niculae Date of birth: Oversee and lead incident investigations and offer recommendations on instrumentation related standard practices. Directly responsible for supplying technological support to maintenance, operations and technical service on instrumentation problems including issues related to the: Participation and support of investigation into any HSSE incidents or accidents.

Lead role in commissioning activities when needed by the customer, input to commissioning when required. Support commissioning and production start-up with technical instrumentation and automation. Issuing maintenance SOPs related to instrumentation and control devices. Review contractors instrumentation and automation and control systems design,assist commissioning and start up related to upgrading projects. Ensure that planned maintenance actions are done correctly, timely and in an effective manner, accounting or recording same as engineered.

Provide supervision and technical direction over predictive maintenance, start-up assistance.

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